Before Halloween, a "pop culture" fiesta that grew in Romania after the '90, Inertia Movement is introducing a new series of events at Colectiva Gazette. The series is bringing into front fruits of digging into the vinyl crates, unburied music, undetermined genres, music that exists in obscure. The orphic relations in Transilvania sill to be explored connect with the physicality and transfiguration brought by music in a similar way with the one in the sports that are not televised, exercised obsessively but which offer new dimensions and perspectives of the human body.

"Tonal Transfigurations" dwelves into the industrial music, drones, noise, modularism, IDM, spectral and hyperspectral and other types of obsessive music. Interesting sounds come with obsession and are born into music research institutes, thus the case of spectralism explored within the "Ciprian Porumbescu" institute in Romania or other timbre altering research stories from IRCAM in Paris or the Tape Music Centre in San Francisco; this unheard music is celebrated within versatile festivals such as Atonal, CTM, Terraforma and Unsound.

"Sunshine Soup" is the first movie projected within this event series; in the great hubs of art where this movie was screened are Lincoln Center and Issue Project Room from New York. "Sunshine Soup" is released at RVNG records, a New York label dedicated to independent music and experimentalism.

The movie is shot in Super 8mm format and follows the odyssey of recording "We know each other somehow” by Robert Aubrey Lowe and Ariel Kalma. Rob Lowe is known as one of the most versatile modularists today processing and synthesizing his voice in very intelligent and creative ways. Rob's projects are Lichens and the rock project OM. Ariel Kalma is an artist who experimented with the tape and is compared with great composers of the America's minimalist composers such as Terry Riley, Philip Glass or Steve Reich.

This time the dug crate contains vinyl from Resina, a fantastic cello polish cello player combining loops with live music, some collections from Important Records and RVNG labels, classics of industrial music such as Current 93 and Coil and other remarcable recordings such as the ones from Rabih Beaini's Morphine Records.

Imocean Ki is the producer of the Inertia Movement podcast, a project started in Dublin as an effort to explore the various musical spaces, already at episode no. 41. He is the initiator of the project and "Records of the People", a publishing exercise and a series of events supporting independent Romanian and international music cross-borders, an endless journey of new artists, strong identity DJ’s, rhythms and sounds beyond the fight of drum machines with the amazing classical legacy of percussion.

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